Where We Stand

Our Platform

Read below to learn how we plan to fight for Georgia House District 155 in the State Capitol.

Public Education

  • Support assisting teachers and other educators pay off their student loans as a way to thank them for their service to our District and State

  • Fight to increase quality of school counseling services to improve overall health of our student community

  • Support legislation focused on building stronger relationships between school and workforce development partners

Reducing Poverty

  • Support pay equity among all workers affected by poverty

  • Invest in affordable, high-quality child care and early education for working families

  • Increase incentives that support prospective businesses relocating to struggling communities to increase workforce

Agriculture in Rural Georgia

  • Support incentive programs for beginning farmers during first two years of their business to increase financial prosperity

  • Increase funding for agricultural research programs dedicated to the growth of one of our state's most vital industry

  • Expand agricultural manufacturing within our District to increase economic development in our region

Criminal Justice Reform

  • Invest in community prevention programs designed to reduce incarceration rates

  • Support legislation eliminating mandatory minimums

  • Fight for ending cash bail system designed to harm low-income individuals

Senior Care and the Elderly

  • Fight for protecting Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security

  • Support legislation designed to increase effective programs for caregivers

  • Support legislation eliminating penalties for retired teachers and other public-sector workers

Veterans and Military Families

  • Increase efforts to train educators on unique needs of military children

  • Fight for universal portability of occupational licenses for military spouses

  • Support incentives for businesses offering free or reduced price services to military service members and families in rural Georgia

Entrepreneurship and Small Business

  • Support training programs aligned to needs of community employers

  • Increase employer-led earn and learn opportunities (i.e. apprenticeships)

  • Expand access to funding for entrepreneurial assistance resources

Reducing Addiction

  • Support high-quality mental health initiatives focused on rural Georgia

  • Increase Georgia Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities funding by providing incentives for local and state partnerships

  • Fight for stronger educational program efforts within communities with high rates of addiction 

Community Development and Affordable Housing

  • Support ending unfair practices in housing market

  • Fight for financial assistance to help citizens buy or rent safe, quality housing

  • Expand resources to local and state partners working to end homelessness


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